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Assembly Tools & Precision Fastening


QC Air Tool Qualifier

  • Provides OK/NOK signal based on ari flow rundown signature.
  • Verifies batch/gang count and cycle time completion.
  • Stores two (2) parameter sets for different joint applications.
  • Optional hose light gives operator visual feedback right at the tool.
  • Total cycle count alarm indicates when preventive maintenance is required.


  • Detects rehits, cross-threads, and early throttle release.


  • Quickly leads you through the setup procedure with simple menu prompts.
  • Process flow control and alarms.
  • I/O standard. Can interface with alarms or process control devices.


  • Solenoid Valve provides shutoff tools.


  • No tool modification required (such as special valves, or porting).
  • Works with shut off & standard Pulse tools, impacts 3/8" & 1/2"Sq.dr. tool & QA 4 nutrunners (Not cokpatible with QA6 & QA8 Series of nutrunner).

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