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Assembly Tools & Precision Fastening


Assembly Automation

Multi spindle nutrunners require a thorough understanding of customer requirements and the mating of equipment with the Customers's assembly lines. Functions at which we expertise has been demonstrated through an installation base of several thousand spindles.

Some of the assembly solutions manufactured recently by Ingersoll Rand are shown on this page.


Pneumatic multi spindle nutrunners are recommended for less critical joints. These units are available in stall, minimum torque sensing and shut off versions.


DC Multi spindle nutrunners are recommended for simultaneous and precision tightening, can do advance fastening strategies such as Angle Control, Yield Control Retorque, customise sequence tightening etc.,


  • Modular plug and play construction.
  • The programming is user frinedly and does not need any special skills.
  • Multi level password protection to prevent unauthorised program access.
  • Fault indication & easy trouble shooting.
  • Inbuilt tightening strategies
    • Torque Control
    • Angle Control
    • Yield Control
    • Prevailing Torque Control
    • Retorque
    • Back-out Control
    • Drag Torque
  • Upgradable software

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