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Vehicle Service Solutions



Ratchet Wrenches

Ratchet Wrenches are ideal for applications with limited access such as radiator, air conditioner, spark plug, engine and carburetor work. Ingersoll Rand ratchets last longer becaue they are designed with a hardened ratchet yoke to maintain peak performance and prevent "spreading" which makes other air ratchets lose the race.

The XP series ratchets are fastest and most durable in their class int he Automotive Service Industry.

  Impact Wrenches

The most important tools ina garage, Impact Wrenches are use dfor tyre removal, suspension and transmission work as well as general maintenance.

The twin hammer and jumbo hammer mechanisms are heart of the premium impact tools. Originally introduced by Ingersoll Rand the twin hammer mechanism delivers simultaneous, balanced blows to the anvil for maximum power output, efficiency and smooth operation.


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