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VSS-lubrication Equipment

Lubrication Equipment

Ingersolt- rand lubrication equipment reflects the same high standards &; performance as ir toots and compressor, milks lull range ol products that will keep all types of fluids moving efficiently they 2 backed by more than to years ol expel ence in pump and an system technology and include mod, specifically designed for popular applications. 

  • Piston pumps for grease or for motor oil, gear oil and transmission fluid
  • Unique design improves flow, reduces pulsation and extends serve life
  • 50 percent fewer pumps than comparable pumps
  • Fast, easy In - line service with no special required
  • Stall Free. Ice free air motor with tough durable housing
  • Diaphragm Pumps for drum use with and other light fluids or direct use with unlit rem, water, windshield cleaning livid and waste oil
  • Patented installable air valve applies on stant pressure to ensure resets
  • Bolted construction provides better joint integrity and last, easy servicing, while helping to eliminate material spills and leaks
  • No lubrication or complex control required
  • Variable flow rates, by adjusting air pressure.

 We are authorized dealers of Ingersoll Rand. We are one of the leading suppliers of Lubrication Equipment in Tamil Nadu.


Oil Dispensing Packages

  • Preset. metered & non metered packages:
  • 3:1 Ratio Piston Pump.
  • Fully programmable and 5 digit LCD display accurate to the second decimal, shows the exact amount of fluid dispensed.
  • 6 different volume may be preset.
  • Electronic accuracy helps save time and money.
  • Swiveling non drip nozzle prevents spillage.
  • Accuracy : +I- 0.6% for standard models.
  • Accuracy : +1- 0.3% for Weights & Measures certified models.
VSS-oil-dispensing packages

Grease Dispensing Packages


  • 220,50 200 10 Kg standard packages available.
  • Double acting pump-higher flaw rates.
  • Less moving parts-lower downtime.
  • Pump Operator range 1-03 bar Inlet air pressure.
  • Outlet feud pressure- 7500 psi max-works well with high pressure applications.
  • Muffler a standard feature - reduced noise level.

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