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Ergonomic Handling Systems


Rail Systems

  • Ideal for high-volume production environments with limited floor space
  • Capable of mounting parallel or perpendicular to overhead support steel
  • Provide rectangular coverage for a single workstation, or an entire assembly line with multiple bridge cranes
  • Capacities up to 3,000 lb
  • Provide simple single-axis transfer
  • Curved sections available for navigating obstructions


Quality steel, aluminum, and stainless steel rail systems:

Ingersoll Rand rails are available in three different materials and five different sizes to meet your specific material handling needs. The enclosed rail systems design reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on the internal rolling surfaces, thus reducing rolling effort.



  • Lightweight and ergonomic — Less than 1 percent rolling resistance
  • Precision running surface — Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel available
  • Modular and flexible — Bolted together; no welding required
  • Clean, maintenance-free operation — No lubrication required
  • Safety — Designed to meet or exceed all national and international standards
  • Now MMA Certified — Certified by the Monorail Manufacturers Association to meet or exceed ANSI MH27.2 monorails and underhung cranes





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