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Ergonomic Handling Systems


Air Balancers

  • Precise, strain-free positioning — Float leaves both hands free to raise, lower, or shift the load with virtually no resistance; no more “hoist control” hit-and-miss spotting.
  • Simple adjustment — Clear access to air-flow calibration controls allows quick, easy adjustment of the float.
  • Rugged reliability — For continuous duty with minimal maintenance.


  • Low air consumption — Approximately 1/8 cfm required per cycle (one fiftieth of that of an air hoist) means very low energy costs.
  • Clean, oil-free operation — Pre-lubricated design eliminates air line lubrication and oil mist exhaust; ideal for food processing and clean manufacturing environments.

Safety is standard:

  • Built-in overload protection — The lifted load can never exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity.
  • Minimal cable recoil due to loss of load — If the load is accidentally lost, a centrifugal brake (Z brake) automatically stops rapid upward cable travel.

Versatile configuration:

  • Wide range of capacities up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg).
  • Added protection — The optional Z Stop offers protection against the drifting of loads in the event the main air supply is lost.
  • Cable travel — 40 to 120 inches (1016 to 3048 mm) depending on the model.
  • Controls — ZA (pendant) controls let you handle varying loads; a BA (single) balance control is ideal for a constant load, and an EA for 2 loads.
  • Mounting — Suspension kits for Ingersoll Rand and other enclosed track manufacturers as well as I-beam, patented track, and hook mount.
  • CE certification — Meets the requirements for the European community.


  Air Balancers: Single / Reeved / Tandem / Tandem Reeved Wire Rope  

Standard Features:

  • Performance — Float action provides ease of vertical travel, eliminating tension on load, making positioning capability far superior.
  • Versatility — No need to change model when making tool change; one model (BAW005060) covers entire 50 lb (22 kg) range.
  • Headroom — Requires only 20 inches (508 mm) from bottom of rail to bottom of hook.
  • Adjustment — Simple adjustment in seconds by means of external regulator.
  • Sequencing — Can be sequenced via air signal to perform timed or “stepped” operation.
  • Maintenance — Virtually maintenance-free. Normal maintenance can be done in place on the rail.

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